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Today on this December 25th Day ©

Andrea Fletcher

Today on this December 25th day
While others sit and enjoy Christmas
With their families and friends
Eating big meals and opening big gifts
Somewhere in this world there are children
Who are hungry for their basic needs to be met
Somewhere in this world
They are going to their beds without meals

And on this December 25th day
Somewhere in this world others have so much
More than they will ever need
And yet sometimes we do not understand why the children cry
Unless of course we have seen it first hand
Felt the pain of being hungry
The kind of hungry that makes one stomach burn

And somewhere in this world the children pray
They pray for their most important needs to be met
Not some gift wrapped in pretty paper
But they cry for food to fill their bellies
They pray for shelter from the storms
They pray that their lives will get better
And that they will see a brighter tomorrow
Somewhere in this world there is hope
For all the angels in this world who go
To their beds, today, December 25th, without meals.

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