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To Burns, A Tribute! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

To Scotia's bard, I doff my bonnet, each time I hear a Burns sonnet,
for though in work he was immersed, he still found time, to write his verse,
then as he sat, half through the night, he wrote his verse by candlelight
and wrote, as only Burns could, his "Address tae the unco good!"
He sat there in his but and ben and wrote of daisies, mice and men,
and he was a man before his time, who will be revered in Auld Lang Syne!
One wonders if, we will ever see, or hear his like again,
for none before, or even since, can match his claim to fame!
He told his wife, his bonnie Jean, a hundred years from now,
"Iíll be famous a' the world o'er, of that I can avow!"
He wrote, "A man's a man for a' that!" and strove with might and main,
against entrenched establishment, to make men equal and the same!
He wrote, "When poppies blooms are shed, they give us little pleasure,
like snowflakes, that a moment dwell, upon a stream or river.
Or the Borealis and the Rainbow, which in our heavens perform,
as we marvel at their beauty, before they vanish in the storm!"
This man who wrote such perfect verse, could not in life, have been perverse,
And his verse has stood the test of time and will be revered, in Auld Lang Syne.
One wonders then, what might have been, if a longer life, our bard had seen,
we could have marvelled at new verse and song, if but his life, had been prolonged
and enjoyed each verse and new creation, from the bard of Scotia's ancient nation
For he made sure, no one forgot, that he was a Scot and a Patriot,
for in the joining of the crowns, he knew the lairds let Scotland down
and he wrote in anger, his oration, of "A parcel of rogues within a nation!"
Then he wrote his famous, "Scots Wha Hae!" of when William Wallace won the day
and when Bruce, the tide of battle turned on the bloody field of Bannockburn
and sent proud Edward skulkin' hame, to sit and muse and think again!
Aye, Rabbie knew a thing or two, of what we Scots, should think and do,
for with a Referendum and Assent, we now have a Scottish Parliament
and if Burns were here, he might have stood and been elected then, to Holyrood,
where as a Scottish new M.P., he could have fought against Hypocrisy!

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