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To a Scotch Pie ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

You mak’ oor mooths water, your praises we sing
Your succulent juices a’ rin doon oor chin
You sit on oor plates wi the beans an’ chips
We soak up wi’ breid the last o’ your drips
Come half-time at the rugby or fitba’ too
You’re scoffed wi’ the Bovril or Iron Brew

Noo you’re no’ a haggis wi’ hurdies like hills
Served wi’ neeps an’ tatties in January’s chills
You‘re savoured and gobbled for a’ the year
By Scots folk everywhere drinkin’ their beer
You’ll no tak’ the comparison too ill, I trust
A haggis has a skin but you’ve a lovely crust

Your praises betimes we are loudly singing
Loud enough tae set the high rafters ringing
Freen’s wha’ dwell abroad are wont tae cry
“Ye ken whit ah fancy? A guid Scotch pie!”
Noo the E.U. keeps meddlin’ in oor affairs
Haun’s aff oor pies if you want oor cheers

So ane an’ a’ let’s gather wi’ conviviality
Tae toast the juicy Scotch pie we’re havin’ for tea

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