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Tis June My Love ©

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

Tis june my love that time of joy,
when folk talk o' love an tae tha passions employ,
Tis tha time when lovers walk han' in han'
Or carelessly lay doun upon tha Earths scented lan'.

An' o' tha nichts my love, let me tell you o' them
When tha stars shine bricht aneith tha heavens Hem
An' tha Moon, tis aglow wae passionate licht
tae fill yins ein wae loves great sicht.

When Kisses excite an' viberate on pass
When a lad sen's fouers tae a bonnie lass
As tha blood boils wae tha fire o' passions flame
In tha smothering pleasures o' love he whispers her name.

O' Promises born upon tha whilm o'er tha moment
Wae words tae cause great joy or total torment
For all tha thoughts that enter intae tha brain
May have come frae a lover's lips in utter vain.

An' a man takes a women an he lays her doun
Them both gieing tae each ither tha passions o' tha Flesh and na to soon,
An' a few lovely women shall come tae know
Tha men frae whom their bairnies shall flow.

Tis a month weel rememered by yin an' all
That walked scented gardens tae loves earily call
When Virgin herts shall forever rememer tha face
O' tha yins that showed them womenhoods grace.

But a time tae, when many a young blighter shall cry an say
Tha name o' tha Lassie, he shamed yin June's day
Yet ne'er min' ye tha lovers that grew apert
Rather think o' them whaes love shall ne'er depart.

Tis worth maire than all tha Jewels upon tha Royal Croun
Tae ken that Love twa souls thagither has boun'
Twas June my Love, tha time when people enjoyed
Tha Talk o' Love an' tha passions they employed.

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