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'Tis But a Dream ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

The sun sinks down beyond yon hill,
the sparkle leaves the stream.
All the children to bed have gone,
on the pillow to sweetly dream.

Through the night until the dawn,
The moon will till it wanes
Watch the children as they dream,
through the window panes

The fairies in the garden play,
as the elves sweep up the mist.
And dragonflies dry their wings.
by the sun soon to be kissed.

Silently through the wood at night,
The lonely wolf still stalks.
But is there a shadow by his side.
as like a queen she walks.

Soon the mists will clear away,
and before the light they run.
The spiders in the hedgerows,
all their webs have spun.

Soon the dawn beyond yon cloud,
will lighten up the sky,
all the birds will sing again
and the children loudly cry.

The wolf has gone, the shadow too,
but look in yonder bower,
Is that a hawk sitting by the man,
who is offering it a flower?

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