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(Uwem do ke Tinapa)

Alexander Orok
Cross River State, Nigeria

T - Titanic vision, indeed!
Mind boggling journey
Adorned with lushes of green vegetation,
Engulfed with sensational light forest of fresh dew,
Romancing in beautiful eclipse of Silhouette Mountains

I - In cream of Africa's business diplomatic community
Thus amalgamate ointment of corporate array of professionals;
Into a ponderous tourism wonderland, crystallized into a fountain concept
With dreams to transform the paradise metropolis; pairing the evolution of her nation
Through the attribute of "let there be light" there comes Don D - Donald Duke!

N - Nebulous shimmering view of splendid wonders;
Over it sideways where corporate entrepreneurs explore the virgin nature,
Like a shooting star from the heavens, Dazzling! Fabulous!
Really a place I knew not;
Unbelievable sights of endless diamond sky, unraveling the wonders of it antique lands,
Fill with hundred million crystal things to distinguish and delve into with prospects.

A - Acme like a blue planet
Of a whole new business resort with admirable horizons to pursue Though, an endless thrilling chase of wondrous place, Architecture in the central heart of Canaan province,
Guided by the iota of freewheeling love with indescribable feelings

P - Plaza of plausible plateau where
Plebian people pledges
Pleasant companion with
Pros in arena of
Prominent praise

A - An adorable insight of a laureate’s breathing dreams.
An astounding ace for Africa’s Premier Business Resort.

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