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Time To Remember Scotland ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

My parents they both give me love
They told me there was a heaven high above,
Make no mistake; there is a hell
They helped me up, they taught me well

They taught me why the birds all sing
And why I must care for every thing,
The wild deer on the mountains high
And why there is a clear blue sky.

The rain and snow and even thunder
Is part of our world, there was no blunder,
When the snowdrops come alive
And why the bees all build their hives.

Springtime when the whole world comes alive
Newborn lambs, when they arrive,
The Nature of things will remain in force
Man and beast will take their course.

Our homes we build them up on high
At times you can hear us cry,
For someone that was very dear
We sit alone and shed a tear.

Love is the way that we were taught
We keep our family in our thoughts,
Across the world we don't forget
The love we had, without regret.

My children they all have respect
With them I have no regrets,
On sailing ships from far away
They will visit my homeland one-day.

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