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Till death us do! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Two sad people pursued by the papparazi
he of the once famous young fab four
she that danced on T V with a missing limb
he of the silent enigmatic stare
she in the white hot glare of the media
throwing hints and accusations
of a love match long ago gone sour
so volatile in her sad recollections
with hints of dark despair and suicide
he still sad and silent saying nothing
implying he has naught to fear and hide
they had it all this sparkling famous pair
the darlings of the lemming fawning crowd
worshipped like the famous Gods of yore
yet now true love lies bleeding in the ashes
as the flame of love for them is now no more
how sad to see this farce on television
as the lawyers sit and rub their hands with glee
knowing full well they are the only winners
as they await another nice fat hefty fee

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