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Till ©

Alisdaire O'Caoimph
Lavergne, USA

Do these words of mine
truly reach you, beyond the wall
You play in your own world
between the hopes and despairs
Have you heard me calling
my voice loud, bellowing
begging you to hear what deep you fear
that longing I know so well you feel
the sorrow song of the heart...Pounding
Here in a sanctuary of tears
that weep the pillow cases full
And begs a soft touch.
Do you feel
where my eyes long to rest
my heart at best
beats profoundly for yours
understand the ache
that fills and torments
longs your soft kiss
dreams, amends
upon the gentle blush
That rises to your cheeks.
Is there a moment
that here your thoughts don't rest
that gathers me to you
holds dear the words exchanged
held upon the soft whisper of my name
And longs the sound of my voice.
If I go, will tears follow
will the days drag along their sultry course
Shall you seek my company
where memories linger
or shall I be as a breath of wind
Hard, then soft, till no-more.

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