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Thrills And Excitement Of A Growing Lad ©

James Mutch Crockett
Hong Kong, China

This was my life, My wild adventure,
The trees I climbed, A note I sent her.
Swimming the Dee, The heron's flight,
Catching tiddlers, My first dog bite.

Late for school, Hanging on,
A thrush's egg, The sailor's song.
Bows and arrows, Getting stung by a bee,
The bleacher's lum, Sailing the sea.

Dressed in my kilt, Missed the bus,
Fell in love, Learnt to cuss.
Stole an apple, Dodged my bath,
Found ten bob, Was good at math.

Fell off a lorry, A silent fart,
Ate pie and chips, Got a broken heart.
Was a boy scout, Learned to whistle,
Had a yellow budgie, Sat on a thistle.

Kissed a lassie, Lost a shoe,
A game of football, Tennis too,
The doctor told me, remember noo,
Next birthday you'll be 72.

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