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Thought ©

Mark D Johnston
Glasgow, Scotland

Bring thought to your life,
And life to your thoughts.
Question every answer,
You think to be true,
Query your conclusion,
And doubt your question.

What is really important?
And is our perception correct?
What do we require, to sustain life?
Can we live without love?
Does our life end, when happiness is absent?
When our friends abandon us, do we live on?

It is true our bodies require nourishment,
If we do not eat, our body will die.
And when we do not stimulate our brain,
Does this not also cease to sustain itself?
And if we do not make use of our limbs
These also will wither away from lack of use.

There are things that we truly need.
And then there is a want, for what we don't need.
And when we can differentiate from them both.
Only then will you find the necessities of life
And no longer require a materialistic existence.

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