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This TV Trash! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

When I switch on my TV now I want to swear and curse
For the silly programmes they put on are getting worse and worse
They all prattle on and talk nonsense in that Coronation street
And these so called stars who cannot act would make a strong man weep
Then of course there is Eastenders which is far beyond the pale
Which is boring and so dated it is getting dull and very stale
And if you have a Bargain you can Flog it from your attic
Or they will take you round a car boot sale if you are a sale fanatic
But if you like that F word Ramsay bloke your cooking cannot fail
And that s before we have to suffer that oh so dreary Emmerdale
Or if you wish you can switch on and watch the Bill at eight
Which in my humble opinion is well past it s sell by date
And as for Love island and big brother if it is shocks you seek
Have you ever seen in all your life such a bunch of weirdo freaks
they still churn out this rubbish to the lowest common denomination
and what happened to the scriptwriters who had some imagination
do not look now on your T V for good programmes now my friends
for I m afraid that dumbing down has now become a national trend
you can also buy a house abroad or redecorate your house
or berate publicly with Trisha Goddard your errant sinning spouse
and those dreary neighbours will still be there on T V every day
then you can follow that just for a laugh and play home and away
even if you have Sky or Virgin day and night all through the week
you will still get indigestion because it is repeat repeat repeat
still never mind the things I say for you may or may not agree
but I really have to tell you folks that this T V trash is not for me

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