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This Sharia Paria! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Who is this bumbling mad old fool
who has this country in hysterics
by proposing we adopt Sharia law
when he is a senior Christian cleric
to think some fool selected him
does not smack of common sense
for he is so pathetic and naive
he must think we are all dense
to think this cleric holds high rank
in the Anglican Christian church
explains why folk desert in droves
and leave Christianity in the lurch
why do we listen to these prelates
these past sell date priestly folk
when the verbal drivel they all spout
has made Christianity a joke
he seems to crave attention
for it gives him quite a buzz
and his father may yet forgive him
for he knows not what he does
we can all see through his folly
which is so full of deadly flaws
for no one but a blithering idiot
would wish to live under Sharia law
so Archbishop just you hold your tongue
and this land will be just fine
if you respect the wishes of your church
and for the love of Christ resign
then after you have left the church
and your mad ravings are no more
we can all say, "Glory be to God!"
as we all live in peace and harmony once more

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