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This Public Bar in Ladybank ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

Old pictures of a local scene,
Where I may have passed by or may have been.
On this day, I'm pleased to say
I walked into a bar in Ladybank.

Ladybank Tavern I had found,
Where my roots and relations were once around.
I saw this pub, by the railway line in Ladybank.

What would the old folk have thought If they could see me here?
In this place politely ordering a pint and a half of Tennents beer.

She told me it was the Railway Tavern,
For many years before.
Then I heard some local voices talking,
As they came in through the roadside door.

In Ladybank Tavern my imagination then made me see,
In the company of relations passed,
They all surrounded me.
Some had seen two wars and more,
Am I local as voices by the roadside door?
In a public bar, by the railway line in Ladybank.

In Ladybank Tavern in the month of May,
I drank a beer for all that day.
But they have all passed on and gone,
So I drink my pint and travel on.
But on this day, I'm pleased to say,
I was in Ladybank.

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