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This Love ©

H Marshall

Warm scented skin so pale and tender,
Soft flowing hair with auburn sheen.
One fleeting touch high passions render,
My pupils flare when you are seen.

So many faces to match your mood,
Sometimes laughter, sometimes sorrow.
Each changing face still looked so good,
Expectant, I longed for tomorrow.

Words of arousal or soothing calm,
Suiting each transient moment.
Strokes of your fingers and gentle palm,
Brought comfort to my wild torment.

In confidence our thoughts we would share,
Revealing our deep, darkest fears.
Empathy made us keenly aware,
And love found expression through tears.

The warmth of your arms wrapped around me,
Embracing, caressing with ease.
The light of love in your eyes I see,
Displaying desire to please.

Your angelic presence brought comfort,
To a life much hurt by the past.
With your kindness and soothing support
You would freely give me your last.

I pray that this love lasts for ever,
In memory the sweetest bliss.
Fate, the foe, separate us never,
Save me the pleasure of your kiss.

If misfortune blows on us who loved,
With chilling wind or fateful turn.
Let our place together not be moved,
And in our hearts the flame still burn.

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