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Third Age Group ©

by H Marshall
Weel done the Dundee Courier!
Thanks to their determination to publicise the financial irregularities found in the running of Henry McLeish's constituency office and the Fife Council (where Henry McLeish's wife worked), the allegations of malpractice were exposed, and Henry McLeish ignominiously resigned as First Minister of Scotland.

Huv ye' aw' heard aboot the Group Third Age?
They din'nae exist but they still get paid.
Who gies them oor money?
Who sanctions the lease?
Would you believe it?
It's the family McLeish!

Noo oor Henry telt us it wis'nae a fiddle,
It's easy explained - it wis only a muddle.
He could'nae come clean!
He could'nae be true!
But hiv ye noticed?
He's no First Minister noo!

Henry's wife called Julie is aff oan the sick,
We've aw' seen that afore, that's an auld trick.
Tae avoid investigation,
She hid from the search,
But very soon she too
Will be knocked aff her perch!

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