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Thi Pairmauns Needs ©

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

It's awfae tae bi oot o' wark
wi trade aw ere sae dull.
Av tryed ma baist tae git a joob,
bit dae whaut er a wull.
It's maittirlis whaur er a gan
thi ainsers ai thi saim.
"Och sorri, nane thi dae ma maun,
bit gies a ca agane."
Um ait it nearli evuri morn
trudgin frae street tae street.
Ma bits, yince guid, air fairli worn
frae aff mi weeri feet.
Thair's daes av scanti been o' meat,
nor ken a whaur tae tri.
Tae git a loaf thit wi mite eat
thi bairns, thi wife, ain aye.
Ain thi daes air gittin langer,
ain thair's nae loor tae bi thi seed.
Ain onli thi auld craw in thi winter,
kens thi pair mauns sairest needs.

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