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Things I Love ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

I love the flowers
that bloom in spring.
I love my cat
pulling on some string.

I love my mum
she comforts me.
I love my dad
in heaven you see.

I love the summer
sun shining bright.
I love winter
when it's cold at night.

I love people
no matter their race.
I love my teddy
so soft to embrace

I love life
it's good to live.
I love friendship
it's nice to give.

I love the stars
that shine so bright.
I love the moon
that comes out at night.

I love the earth
that makes plants grow.
I love the oceans
that ebb and flow.

I love to love
as we all should.
I love to dream
that we all could.

I love the world
that we live upon.
I love to think
it will carry on

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