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Things I Love ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

There's lots of things in life I love,
the flowers the trees the stars above.
My love of God keeps me sane
I travel life in the middle lane.
I love my job in a retail store
it keeps me fit and is never a bore.
I love the Autumn when the leaves turn brown
but when they fall it makes me frown.
I love my wife and family too,
whose presence in my life brings a bright hue.
I love all the things that make life bright,
from the light of day till the dark of night.
I love my friends and my neighbours who,
don't always agree with my point of view.
I love my wife's cooking, especially her stews,
and her choice of afters is always good news.
I love going on holidays to foreign lands,
and my safari in Africa was really grand.
The Canadian Rockies I really must say
was a sight that took my breath away.
I love my garden in the middle of Spring,
to see the lovely colours and hear the birds sing.
these are the loves I want to record,
knowing that love brings its own rewards.

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