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They Walked All The Way From Glasgow ©

Scotland and Celticís Prince of Goalkeepers
John Thomson (1909-1931)

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

They knew they had to be there,
They had little time to prepare.
Some walked all the way from Glasgow,
With bonnets, scarves and flowers.
They walked all the way from Glasgow,
They carried their gifts for hours.
They slept all night on the Crags,
A wee bit of grub in their bags.
They had little time to prepare,
All they knew was they had to be there.

A keeper of goal was John Thomson
In his prime with the utmost respect,
This challenge he made was fatal
His goal he was trying to protect.
For a handful of leather not hitting the net,
The young still listen and never forget.
An Old Firm game in bygone time,
He died defending his line.

The game of football was physically stunned,
His club and his country did mourn.
Some walked all the way from Glasgow,
To Fifeshire where he was born.
A journey for Johnís courageous save,
For a hand full of leather an early grave.

They buried John Thomson in his native land,
Musicians from the Bowhill Pipe and the Silver Band,
Led the procession that day,
Through the crowded streets they made their way.
They came from afar and they stood there in awe,
They looked at the sky
They stared at the floor.
The year was 1931
But his story never grows old,
Each generation hears of the sad tale
Every day a new listener is told.

In Cardenden lies a religious brave man,
His courage merits this praise.
This mining community witnessed the grief,
One of football's tragic sad days.

Celtic v Rangers
Ibrox Park, Glasgow, 5 September 1931
John Thomson died after diving at the feet of Ranger's forward Sam English.

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