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The Worlds Present ©

Allen Steble
Port Kennedy, Australia

A beautiful sunset we come to see
A mighty waterfall we do behold
A lovely starry night has come to be
A raging stream, so mighty yet so old

A mighty bolt of lightning, fierce in power
A vast forest comes alive at night
A sweet smell, the scent of a blossoming flower
An array of colorful light, an amazing aura oh so bright

We receive this gift, we receive it with great joy
This is what earth has given us
Given us to be thrown about like a useless old toy

Anger and hatred are what I see
Corruption and pollution are what I behold
Violence and injustice have come to be
Destruction and disrespect are what I have come to hold

A forest we have today yet gone tomorrow
A lifeless waterfall we see right now
Famine and disease, these are what follow
War has come, and life, yes life is held so low

The gift we received is ever so good, indeed earth itself
We opened it graciously and oops, we dropped it off the shelf

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