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The World is Bleeding ©

My name is Naomi and I am 15 years old. Happenings like the Tsunami affect me greatly, and I am always deeply moved by such things. I wrote a poem for the soldiers in Iraq, which was greatly received on the messageboards by grieving families and friends - they actually put it on the news itself and it was also published.

The Tsunami has upset me so much, that I found myself writing a new poem....a tribute if you will....even a prayer....for the people out there. Please read and think of the world out there that has been destroyed, and is still dying.

Naomi Hurrell
Suffolk, England

She lies on the roof of somebody's home
Her eyes have been closed since the waters came
Her parents cried and held her tight
At least she didn't see her mother being washed away.

She hardly breathes from all the pain
Her neck hurts and her legs are bleeding
But she doesn't cry or make a sound
She thinks she's only dreaming.

Surrounded by so many strange people
And yet, she's completely alone
No-one here knows who she is
There's no-one to carry her home.

The people do not try to wake her
They barely even know she's there
They have too many worries of their own
So much fear and so much despair.

And far off, nations hear of a tragedy
Watch images they never imagined they'd see
And they give their money and their hearts
To fulfill the desperate needs.

And other people are trapped in this disaster
Young men and women, boys and girls
Most lie silent, but all are praying
For themselves, for their families, for their world.

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