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The Wish Of The Miss ©

John Murray
Larkhall, Scotland

Times a-changing, emotions revealing,
You now mean more to me than which you once did,
Looking at you and watching you look back,
As your eyes gaze into mine it feels almost like a sin,
You seem alone and sad in this land,
Come to me let me take your hand,
Show you we are alive and can have a great time
Feel the heat on your skin, water brushing over you as you lay in sand,
Cold refreshing drink to you, it has to be a Corona and lime,
Feelings being unravelled heat boosting our emotions,
Come stand close to me; you can trust me with your confessions,
Holding hands; singing songs with no words,
Taking you to the park, holding hands in the dark,
Closer to you I hear the beats of your heart, now I canít stand us being apart,
Staying with me you are in no danger; you are welcome always you are no stranger,
My heart opening to yours, gasp of breath as my heart has froze,
How could this have happened? It must be because I am closer to your nose,
Move in slowing as our feelings are flowing,
Being here with you is like a heavenly bliss; would it hurt to ask for a kiss?
The minutes we spend together turn to hours then the longer they go on become days,
For this longer has my heart racing high, setting the temperature between us ablaze.

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