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The Weans ©

Ken Waddell
Falkirk, Scotland

Whatís the meaning to all of this?
Bring weans to this world, bliss
Whatís the best that you can give?
Make them laugh, a right to live

The day they came into this life, not to be filed
Lose sight of that moment and it will be wild
The love between us all on that day
Bottle it, cherish it, respect it, I say

The overwhelming responsibility to help this new life
Is human instinct, to protect, to shoulder the strife?
Our life as we knew it has come to a stop
Change our focus, itís not selfish, itís the top

The eyes start to notice, the first tooth is cut
Enjoy these moments and avoid lifeís rut
Oh, the first day at school, theyíre intrigued by the ďwhy?Ē
So proud of you, it made me cry

Thereís a new adult in their day
A teacher, well intentioned, enter the fray
Weans love to learn itís their god given right
Help them along with homework, well into the night

How are you doing at this point in their path?
Are they still asking why? Still having a laugh?
Itís not about you! Itís about your choice
Love your partner, listen to their voice

Your hard work will soon be over, how did you fare?
To get it so wrong, will leave you feeling bare
Itís what you taught them, you reap what you sow
Did you do a good job? Or will you feel low?

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