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The Way It Used To Be ©

Ian McCrae
Muswellbrook, Australia

I remember the nights
When it was cold and dark,
And the bright new-mornings
With a song from a lark:

On the grass and in the trees
The sparkling snow flakes fall,
The sound thatís most intriguing
Is when my homeland calls.

Just before the sunrise
At the break of day,
Just for a quiet moment
That was my time to pray.

The shadows in the evening
Give me time to think,
The good years I remember
The bad years seem to shrink.

Daffodils and snowdrops
Down along the way,
Down towards the sea front
Where the children play:

As a child in wonderland
I loved the hills and glens,
Hill walking was my favourite
Out there with my friends

Bright moonlight nights, the summer sun
The way it used to be,
Back home in dear old Scotland
I dearly love the sea.

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