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The Warrior Species ©

H Marshall

This question, I should like to pose;
Why are we all so bellicose?
Instead of magnanimity,
We all cause so much enmity.

Instead of showing good intent,
We always seem belligerent.
Instead of being hesitant,
We often seem so militant.

Choosing not to resolve by talk,
Politicians act like the hawk.
By choosing war instead of love,
Leaders behave unlike the dove.

Instead of being calm and fair,
We threaten people with warfare.
Instead of sitting down to chat,
We use our forces in combat.

When we should be less audacious,
We all behave so pugnacious.
Instead of calm civility,
We tend towards hostility.

When we should avoid furore,
We challenge like the warrior.
Instead of doing what is right,
We're always spoiling for a fight.

When we should be hard to rattle,
We act like Romans in battle.
Instead of responding tranquil,
We act as if we want to kill.

When we should be more pacific,
We prefer the pugilistic.
Instead of being peaceable,
We cause more unrest and trouble.

When we should respect each nation,
We attract more conflagration.
Instead of calming trouble spots,
We act like demented zealots.

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