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The Void ©

Angelina Victoria
Maryland, USA

It is easy to go through life
through the motions, using potions, pretending all is well
You cover up the pain and loneliness
with shopping, drinking, golf or whatever fits the bill

You deal with daily pangs of being lonely feeling empty
Then you are rudely awakened with the cold facts
A special someone broke the void
the obvious truth across your soul has smacked.

LIFE is short you have lost at love. Dare we all try again?
Switch him in, switch her out, fall in love with "a friend"?
Do we dare take the risk, dive right in, the water's fine
Ah ha! I say, this feels great, I have found my forever Valentine.

Wake up girl, it won't be, you'll fall for him, he won't with thee.
So I give it up, the dream, the hope, the desire.
Just know this, that at night and day,
my thoughts of you will never tire.

Here's to all the loves that will not be,
that were meant to be
and to those silly fools that actually chase the dream
of having a "Forever Valentine". Cheers.

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