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Dedicated to the Folk on UK Singles Connection

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

I must be getting on in years, my hair is turning grey
My eyes have lost that certain brightness but my hearing is okay
I've spent some days dreaming of the bad days that were in my past
And I sit here by my computer near a sunny window hoping the heat will last
I remember my first visit to the UKSC and the bonnie lassies I did see
Hoping they would show a welcome and keep me companee
I wasn't young or handsome any more and thanks to my Ex I had been living on the street
There were scars upon my face with the winter and two ulcers on my feet
I could sense your disappointment when you realised my age
But I hoped that you would accept me and look beyond that stage
Aye, did you speak to me out of pity, well I accepted it without shame
Then you grew to like me, and I have to admit I started to feel the same
I have shared with you your funny times my cheeks were wet with tears.
We've come to know each other's habits over the last few years
I used to miss seeing my Ex in the mornings before I drive away
But now I think about this site throughout my boring day
My heart has been with you all forever, it's been longer now than a year
Since I walked onto the Message Board, I'm no longer feeling fear

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