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The Twa Margaret's - the Wigtown Martyrs ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland
(Margaret Wilson and Margaret McLoughlin were drowned at the stake in the tidal river Bladnoch, by Wigtown, Galloway, in May 1685 for refusing to denounce their Covenanter beliefs. The Oath of Abduration put loyalty to the British King above loyalty to God.)

Auld Merrick views o'er Bladnoch burn
That weaves as silk tae Solway's shore;
Thru fertile lands it twists an' turns -
It's flowin' burden, aft and fore.

Meg Wilson frae Glenvernoch came,
The highest Covenant tae swear;
A virgin blesst in Jesus' name:
Her will strong, like her flaxen hair.

And Meg McLaughlin's aged years -
Knew love's proud veneration;
She faced oppressors without fears,
Refused the Oath of Abduration!

Come wind doon frae the highest bough;
O come surf frae waves o' the sea:
Carry them up tae Heaven now;
And in peace, lay their souls tae be.

At Grierson's hand their fate did fall -
Bound tightly on a lowtide stake:
Both bold an' true tae their call -
As waves o'er them, did rise an' break.

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust;
When truth is treason Freedom dies;
Immortal wings tae a' things just:
We remember thee.... when the wind sighs.

Here westlin' winds, o'er Wigtown blaw,
Here spirits haunt the morning mist;
And when Maytime rains do fa',
They are seen, where the shore is kisst.

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