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The Treasures of Home ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

I remember the day
when I went away
in search of my fortune of gold
I was young, adventurous and yet felt I was old
I was just seventeen a strip of a lad, though tall I was not yet a man
And yet in my mind I was ready for life, and staying wasn't part of my plan
I wandered around
some joy I had found,
but most of my thoughts went astray
I would walk and I'd walk till the evening came down
Then sleep for most of the day
I'd travel the roads of faraway lands
And often I'd think of my home..... my mother, my father and all of my friends
Is it a fool that sits here all alone?
The dreams of a young man are foolish and wild
Although one is taller the mind is still a child
I may give up this hunt and give life a go
and make my way home to the treasures I know
It can't be that bad after all this big spree,
but I miss all the good and simple things
Such as 'chips with my tea'

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