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The Transitoriness of Snow ©

My German version is a rhyme and the lines are regulated.

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Lacking in sleep opened curtains
Snapshot taken into consideration
Lest in drowsy oblivion
Get caught wintertime
So far put off
First daily rage

Trudge through snow forest wood
In a great hurry since Iím getting pitifully cold
Look at a thousand ice crystals sparkling
And the moon signals to me
Put off repeatedly
Too dark today

Weekend and winter sunshine
Snow scenery idyllic and fine
Rummage for the camera in great haste
Almost losing self-control
Itís somehow damaged
Icicle leaks

Thaw is Sundayís announcement
Photo tour, now angrily I adjourn
See the weather with sorrow
Shops not open till tomorrow
Snowman is shrinking
Senses dulled

I hate natural transience
Demonstrates my deficiency
Yet I come to an arrangement
Always again vehemently
Snow comes back
Like ill and good fortune

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