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The Survivors! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

They were born before the Forties the T.V. and Penicillin
Polio shots and frozen foods and contact lenses for their vision
before Plastic before Video Television and the Pill
no credit cards split atoms and no ball point pens with their refills
no dishwashers tumble dryers electric blankets or drip dry
and long before we put a man on the moon up in the sky
they got wed and lived together and raised their families
and did not go with cap in hand saying Gimme Gimme Gimme
fast food was then unheard of unless one ate real fast
and a big Mac was a raincoat when the sky was overcast
crumpet was a cake folk ate no computer dating and no fuss
and sheltered accommodation was where you waited for a bus
no house husbands no working wives and no time for vacations
and getting on with relatives was meaningful relations
no care centres disposable nappies no living in group homes
no C.D.s and no tape decks or keeping up with Mr Jones
no artificial hearts Electric typewriters word processors or Yoghurt
and men did not wear earrings because the damn things hurt
Time sharing meant togetherness and a chip was a tattie fried
hardware was all nuts and bolts and software had not been tried
made in Japan meant trashy toys and making out was for exams
and few of them had motor cars as they rode about in trams.
a Stud was in your collar that fastened to your shirt
and going all the way was not performing with a bit of skirt.
no McDonalds and no Pizzas and instant coffee What was that
as everybody smoked their fags had a drink and had a chat
In those far off days the grass was mown and never ever smoked
and the coalhouse was the place to go if you ever wanted Coke
A joint was then a piece of meat that you sat down to eat at dinner
and the Pot was what you put it in as you let it cook and simmer
Rock music was a lullaby you crooned to babies as you rocked
and Eldorado was an ice cream down at the ice cream shop
a Gay person was a cheery guy who was a lot of fun
who was usually quite intelligent and most certainly not a Bum
they must have been a hardy bunch for those times were really hard
and those good old days they talk about were days they seldom ever had

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