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The Stane o' Destiny ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

They say The Stane o' Destiny
should bide in Scottish han's.
They say its fancy shape reveals
the best laid plans o' mans.
But I weel ken an' you weel ken
it lies on hamely groon
far fae English heritage
an' niver tae be foon.

Fer ae dark nicht in 50's time
freens o' a freen broke in
an' stole The Stane o' Destiny
tae tak' it hame wi' them.
They dumped it in a quarry hole
amang a hun'ner mair,
an' fan they cam' tae tak it oot,
they couldna find it there.

Noo granny's hoose wis near the scene
a michty stane they spied,
aneath her plastic washin' line
far a' oor simmets dried.
They taen it tae the Parliament
far a'body cried oot lood,
"This is The Stane o' Destiny,
a day tae mak' us prood".

An' sae The Stane o' Granny's Green
lay un'nerneath the throne,
amang the Kings o' Yesteryear
far nobles sleep alone.
An' in a quarry near a hoose
the workmen tak' their seat,
upon The Stane o' Destiny
tae eat their daily meat.

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