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The Space Cadet ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

I dreamed I hung a gondola,
from a scudding fleecy white cloud.
And secured all the silken ropes,
with a spider's web so proud.

Then gingerly I got in it,
and into the blue we soared.
And floating around the heavens,
the world below we explored.

Clouds were racing along with us,
like proud galleons on the high seas.
But none were cut throat pirates,
that only gold could appease.

Then I thought it was supper time,
but how was I to get back home?
Not knowing how to turn this thing round,
I had regrets of yearning to roam.

Above me flew El Condor,
but at him I just thumbed my nose.
He retaliated by pecking my silks loose,
and quite rightly too I suppose!

My gondola dived with me in it,
but I hung on like grim death.
As the wind tore strips off the gondola,
and I awoke gasping for breath.

I remember the mighty splash down,
as what was left of the gondola and me.
Landed back on our sofa,
an' me Mam made me a hot cup of tea.

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