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The Soldier's Farewell ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

She kissed him goodbye as he walked out the door,
a tear in her eye he was off to war.
She wished he could stay but her wish was in vain,
he had his orders to catch the next train.

She cried as he left for she knew in her heart,
he may not come back from the war in Iraq.
He said as he left "I won't be gone long,
the war can't last, the news can't be wrong."

His Regiment left with colours flying,
to quell a dictator whose people were dying.
He arrived in this land so far, far away
from his loved ones so dear, to enter the fray.

The fighting was bloody and many felt fear
would they ever return to the one's they hold dear.
His wife back home, kept watching the news,
in the hope that her loved one came into view.

All she could do now was wait and pray
that her man was kept safe from day to day.
Well her prayers were answered, he was kept from harm
and it would not be long till he was back in her arms.

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