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The Silent Witness ©

Nancy Purves
Calgary, Canada

There's a man in the moon so they told us
and I've wondered what tales he could tell
of the men who have lived and have died here
of the blood that made the ground swell

Did you hear the fierce yells and the clanging
echoing over green hills?
Did you weep as each new generation
fought hard to accomplish God's will?

In the heart of a man there is courage
and a fire to fight for what's right
but man couldn't know the whole story
he could never look down from the height

The "war to end wars" was a fable
shouted to fire up men's blood
but nothing was fixed in the battles
hear the moans from the boys in the mud

And those who survived those fierce battles
grew old in the world that remained
and cried out to the heaven of heavens
"What on this earth has been gained?"

Yes old man in the moon, faithful witness
tell the truth now, unburden your load
how they cried to their gods and their mothers
while in silence their precious blood flowed

And now see the full culmination
that heeding each bugle has wrought
man cries out now in faint expectation
"We did only what we were taught!"

But the words that "All men will be brothers."
were never drowned out by the roar
of whole nations locked in great tumult
to decide on this earth who gets more

Old moon I am sure you will yet see
this earth cleansed of all foolish hate
for there's one above this good earth and you
who has sworn to set all things straight.

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