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The Scottish Flower ©

John McCallum
Falkirk, Scotland

NOW sleeping Caterpillar,
Of the Caledonian clan,
Join and form as long as you can.

As sunken hearts hold pearls in union,
Buoyant threading breads the Scots' reunion,
One heart, same will, does growth inflate,
Compelled these years mere jewellery state.

In times gone by, it could be said,
That Wully's courage cracked Bobby's head,
The Spider's will was strong claimed he!
That spun a yarn for me and thee.

Our declaration for Scots' does suit,
Don't settle for less than a hundred foot,
A "Hairy Wully" with a Saltire mask,
This VISION to promote, that is our task.

The "Scottish Flower" is within U.C.
Will's Butterfly reborn from you and me,
One day, they'll say, canny Scots kept tryin',
Clever Spiders willed a Caterpillar to Flower without Diein'.

By Will U.C. Flower

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