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The Scottish Borders (Our Ancestral Home) ©

revised edition

William Denholm
Edinburgh, Scotland

I decided to take my children out for the day
And show them where they’re ancestors used to stay
So we got in the car and drove to the Scottish Borders
First stop Melrose Abbey, the place of holy ancient orders
This magnificent ruin still stands fast
A constant reminder of Scotland’s bloody past
Within its walls lies the Heart of Robert the Bruce
The gallant King who brought freedom's truce

We got back in the car
And passed by the Rymer’s stone
I knew at that point it wouldn’t be long till
We reached Denholm’s ancestral home
We took a wrong turn
And ended up in Ancrum instead
I can’t imagine our most ancient
Would have made this Tory heartland his bed
At that point I didn’t know what to do
When Lindsay said, “Dad, look at the sign post,
It might give us a clue.”
I looked at the signpost and it read
DENHOLM, five miles ahead

We arrived at the village
Where I took photographs of the children
At the DENHOLM village sign
To remind them of their visit in a future time
We then went down to the village green
Where a monument to Sir John Layden can be seen
Lindsay and Lauren played in the park for a while
The one thing that always guaranteed to make them smile
I looked around and not another soul could I see
Well it was Sunday afternoon
Maybe they were having their tea

We got back in the car
And crossed the Dean Burn
And we ended up in Hawick
Somewhere along the line
I had taken another wrong turn
We were passing through Selkirk
When we heard an almighty roar
The 'Rugby Sevens' were on
And someone kicked a conversion to score

By the time we got to Peebles
The Children were starving
And these Children I had to feed
So we stopped the car and bought our Suppers
And ate them by the Banks of the River Tweed
Lauren found another park
Where they both played a little longer
I can only hope after this visit
Their border roots will become stronger,
Love Dad

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