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The Schoolmaister ©

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

“A good education craves a sound foundation.”
Harken tae yer maister bonnie lassies.
For if ye dinnae heed him thorough,
Then ye’ll feenish like yer mither.
Wi’ a ladle in the jeelly-works, steerrin’ the sticky molasses.

“A sound foundation craves a solid rock.”
Harken tae yer maister a’ ye laddies.
For if ye dinnae heed his blether,
Then ye’ll feenish like yer faither.
Doon the pit, shovellin’ coal, wi’ a’ the ither daddies.

“A healthy code of morals is your solid rock.”
Harken tae yer maister. Harken well.
For if ye dinnae pay heed tae his warnin’,
Ye’ll waken up deid in the mornin’.
Wi’ the Devil ringin’ the school bell, doon in Hell.

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