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The Rough Wooing ©

Mary Queen of Scots (In a nutshell) Part 2

Joe Sharp
Stra'ven, Scotland

Henry V111, ye know, him wi’ a’ the wummin.
Didnae seem tae me, tae have bother wi’ his plumbin’.
He had Mary betrothed tae his wee son, Prince Eddie.
The betrothal wis annulled, because, oor Queen wisnae ready.

The English King wis fumin’, up tae high doh an’ diddle.
He louped up an’ doon, like a hare upon a griddle.
Up doon, turn aroon’, his face against the wa’.
Henry, he wis ragin’, an’ so he went tae war.

The cavalrymen, astride their magnificent hoarses.
Set oot to seek the sturdy Scottish forces.
Although their numbers were few, in the early mornin’ dew.
Victory wis theirs, at the battle o’ Pinkie Cleugh.

There wis, o’ course, that thankfu’ savin’ grace.
The union o’ the crowns, didnae then take place.
Mary had led the King a merry dance.
Sailin’ awa’, oan a clipper ship tae France.

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