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The Rothesay Ferry ©

Robbie Kennedy Bennett
Wolverhampton, England

The Clyde looked wide across from Wemyss Bay,
Where I stood with my thoughts there early one day.
As the Rothesay Ferry came in,
Bringing vehicles and people of all kind of kin.

Many souls have sailed over this water for years,
And in the distance the next ferry appears.
Soon at Skelmorlie she will birth,
With cargo and goods and their worth.

The Caledonian MacBrayne sails over the Clyde,
It crosses this water that's ever so wide.
Where the fishermen work hard for their catch,
In boats that look too small to match.

Last evening I saw Victorian times on display,
Showing hundreds of folk in their dress of the day.
The train still runs on the old Glasgow line,
It looked busier and bolder in the olden day time.

There were flowers and plants and shrubs,
They were scattered around in baskets and tubs.
I sat in a bar with a good friend of mine,
And we imagined that old golden time.

The coal gave warmth on the fire,
I held thoughts of my Scottish desire.
The sound of the latch on the old station door,
Is what I recall from the evening before.

Now the Rothesay Ferry sails away,
Leaving the white of the wash on it's way.
As I stood there alone early morn,
Another new day had been born.

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