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The Roar of War ©

Written on the 5th February 2003, the day that Colin Powell addressed the United Nations with the American case for war with Iraq.
H Marshall

"I murder hate, by field or flood,
Tho' glory's name may screen us;
In wars at hame I'll spend my blood,
Life-giving wars of Venus."

('Lines on War' by Robert Burns)

Where will you stand to the rallying call?
Are you willing to fight to be free?
Will you take up arms with back to the wall,
And give your blood for liberty?

What should we do about the tyrant's rule
Of oppression and terror and fear?
Do you support the noblest principle
Of democracy, won so dear?

Will you purge the evil Saddam Hussein,
Of his weapons of mass destruction?
Will you fight hard with all your might and mane
To free the Iraqi Nation?

Will you march with the bravest of Argylls?
Will you charge with the finest Black Watch?
Will you yomp with the SAS for miles and miles?
Drop with the Paras from the hatch?

When the desert sand chokes your every pore;
Your nerves shattered by the gun blast;
Will your courage hold through the battle's roar,
Like our fathers' did in the past?

Do you think we should invade foreign soil,
Upholding UN Resolutions?
Or do you believe the motive is oil,
Diplomacy the solution?

Can a war benefit humanity,
Is it a pretext for aggression?
Wars cause death and more widespread enmity,
Hostility and devastation!

Witness "September Eleven" carnage,
And distraught families' heart-felt tears?
With ev'ry war comes similar damage
To people, for hundreds of years!

How will we teach our children not to hate?
What reason can we give to explain?
That Free Nations must never tolerate
A despot like Saddam Hussein?

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