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The Roads to Scotland ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

My childhood wounds are still deep
I'm a Rafferty yet no one's daughter
Never I've reached my native soil
Although my roads have been long
I'm a proud Scot but still without roots
O Caledonia my sweet inspiration
Touch my soul again and again like you always do
I want to drive the cold German winter away
March rolls on and spring is near
I can't believe that my ancestors' country is so far

Who guides me to the brave Highland Thistles?
Maybe I am naive but my innermost feelings are true
My thoughts are forever crystallized on the faraway lands
Behind the mighty ocean of lost times
Nothing can completely compensate for this emotional black hole
At the centre of my lonely heart
No generalisation of words can define just now
How deficient my life is without the traces of my fathers

The saying 'There is no time like the present'
Yet despairingly is not made for me
There is no present time or week or month or year
Of constant wishful thinking flowing casually away
I want to return once more to Scotland
But I have no chance to smell your salty air
Cannot see your purple thistle blossoms
Cannot walk at the dunes hearing the seagulls' cry
Untouchable and disappeared are my dreamy shores of Alba
Just now we only can share the wild ocean waves between us

My roads to Scotland are never ending stony paths
Forgotten siblings playing their decks as good as they can
No mortal will keep me from these endless roads
They might be dangerous and unusual
But Caledonia will always stay my inspirational catalyst
Seeing postcards of Dundee I find myself ripped apart with frustration
Only when I travel I'm in some way tuned into a Celtic cosmos
Walking at the river Tay, Runrig's powerful songs in my ears
Like a fired up comet returning sooner or later
You can hear the radio-active force of magnetism
Whatever the future may hold let me take up that where we left off brother
As two parts of the same genes - sharing the same Scottish dream

Caledonia I miss you with all my heart!

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