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The Rhymer ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Do not ask me why, I write in verse, for I really do not know,
I only know, that since my teens, it always has been so.
For when I put pen to paper, out comes all this rhyming verse
and I pray that it does not offend, for I do not mean to be perverse.
I know not, where it comes from and I really do not care,
For I only know, I write it down, because the words are there.
I have a love affair with words and I find it is a blessing,
for I stroke them with a touch of love, as if a woman I'm caressing.
For the stimulus, that words can bring, can ease and take away one's pain,
by restoring faith in nature and bringing happiness again.
I write to satisfy myself and never ever to impress
And this love affair, I have with words, is like a woman's soft caress.
For in the joining of the verses, in soft rhythm and in rhyme,
I record the passage of my life and my rendezvous with time.
I observe and try to analyse, the strange workings of the mind,
as I strive in verse to understand, the whole of human kind!
I have set myself, a lifelong task before my earthly life is done,
and though I have written verse for many years, I feel, I've just begun.
Who knows what pitfalls lie ahead, that may bring sorrow, pain, or tears,
but I will record them in my verses, through my declining years!
There is so much to say and do and I must do it now, not later,
for I do not know, how long I have, before I go to meet my maker.
Just remember, that I never sought, for wealth, or power, or fame
and tried to do the best I could, as I played out life's great game.
I can feel these spirits all around and I often wish it was not so,
for where we go, in the after-life, I really do not know.
What was behind, what lies ahead, the moments come and go,
on this never ending sea of life, that is ebbing to and fro!
The flowers that bloom, the stars that shine, bring solace to us all,
as they remind us, we are human and pride goes before a fall !
I know not if there is a God, down here or up on high
and none of us will ever know, till we pass on and die!
Why worry if we know it not, it will most surely come to pass
and when my life comes to it's close, I will turn down an empty glass!

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