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The Power Of Scottish Flames ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Scottish flames be alight for bonny Caledonia,
See defying castles reflected in glimmering lochs.
They light up for a turbulent history and cultural variety,
For a full treasure chamber with miracles of nature.

Scottish flames be on gently but firmly
Making foreigners to fellows forever,
And teach that friendship doesn't know borders.
They flicker to understand each other and to care.

Scottish flames sometimes blaze up powerfully,
You can see them only if they are in your heart.
They also lick because it never has been fair
That the English took away their native soil.

Scottish flames burn more often than you think,
They last longer than other flames I've seen.
And of course they shine brighter as years go by,
Maybe one will be aroused in you.

Scottish flames always burn in word and deed,
My forefathers' country heals this broken heart of mine,
Prefers to light the candle in company and gaiety.
Oh, may the Scottish flames never go out for me...
... to the end of time!

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