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The Police Horse ©

Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Yesterday it was the lowly buggy, drawn by a horse,
today it is the noisy motor car, a lot faster of course.
But I sometimes sit and wonder, at the twist of it,
who follows all the prancing horses, cleaning up the grit.

Sometimes there is a jolly party, or a garden fete,
and two angry antagonists, have a fight down by the gate.
Someone says, "Call a Copper!" as a punch is thrown,
then back to the crowded bar, their miseries to drown.

The Cop car screeches to a halt, out steps a Cop quiet burly,
"'ello, 'ello, what's this then? I can close this party early!"
"No, no!" cries a tearful wench, "They were only having fun,
you cannot this birthday bash shut down! It's only just begun!"

But Police do have their work cut out, as sometimes at a rally,
where everyone picks on someone else, and just not will be pally
It's times like these that one sees red, and oft it has been said,
watch out for prancing animals, you could get kicked real dead.

Fred was minding his own business, as down the street he drove,
he met a Cop upon a horse which kicked, and in his door it stove.
Fred went to Court and to the Judge he was heard to say,
"How many times do I get my door kicked in, before the Cops will pay?"

The Judge said, "I do sympathize, and the Cop I have admonished.
There should not be any animals on our roads, and I am astonished.
No matter if they have a rider, or by radio are controlled,
animals should not with modern traffic be, to allow an accident to unfold."

In the country it is different, and we are warned by lots of signs,
Beware Possum and Kangeroo, and the Anteater with its spines.
And don't be cheeky to that big Copper, you could end up on a jail bed
Or get sued by our hero so clued, on a Gee Gee type Quadraped.

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