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The Playwright ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Iím going to become a playwright of that there is no doubt
To create schemes of men and what life is all about
Put my mind within their mind know what each may think
Feeling each emotion to great heights or suffer when they sink

Yes, Iím going to become a Playwright behind the scenes Iíll stand
Lauded by the audience for each argument I command
Excepting praise from actors for all my worldly prose
By Directors and Producers, giving teeth to fight their foes

Iím going to become a Playwright, a great one it would seem
Knighted for the words I wrote, indulging in the cream
Teaching by my method, to those who wish to know
Doctrines for Professorships, advancements for the slow

And now I am that Playwright remembering all the years
Struggling with the Drama, angst and pain and tears
Contemplating all Iíve done - by..creations word and eye
Those years of studied character as my life goes slipping by.

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