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The Place Where I Stay ©

Anne Dickson
Irvine, Scotland

The wind is blowing really fast.
The rain is pouring, water running past.
It's nothing unusual, for the place that I stay.
As Scotland is a wet country in everyway.

The hail can be heavy and blizzards can be hell.
The frost can be thick and the ice can as well.
The snow on the hills is a beautiful sight.
All white and alluring in the morning light.

"Scotland is beautiful", you hear people say.
But the weather can be awful, to their dismay.
The scenery is amazing, they cannot deny.
So makes up for the weather, you hear them cry.

We can have four seasons, in just the one day.
But a more fantastic place you will never stay.
Unspoiled countryside is in abundance here.
Lovely people, so friendly and full of good cheer.

The sun can shine from time to time.
In the summer the weather is sometimes quite fine.
But I would not leave here, no matter what.
Cause Scotland is wonderful, in case you forgot.

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