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The Photograph ©

Kev Sanders
Leicester, England

I look at a photograph of when I was younger
Iím curious and start to wonder
How a picture can hide what eyes do not see
Stages of a life that once was me
Faces that change before your very eyes
They cannot speak, so cannot lie
A mirror image of when it was taken
Reflecting back years now slowly awoken
Where are the buttons on life for rewind?
As I try to remember have the years been kind
Little slices of time arranged in a book
A time to reminisce and a chance to look
I search through pages of this book called time
Am I part of a show, a film or pantomime?
Iím lost in a world that they call me
Itís where reality changes to fantasy
Looking back at years that have passed me by
Who took the picture and of course, why?
I will never know but Iím a picture of joy
Moments forgotten when I was I boy
Memories I wish would come flooding back
For me to see, but it's knowledge I lack
I see the present; I remember some of the past
Future episodes are approaching fast
Keep taking the photos, so all can see
And still ask the question, was that really me?

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