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The Parting ©

Tom Green
Fife, Scotland

When taking his leave there wasn’t much he said
“I’m going.” “Where to?” “To be with her instead.”
Incredulous, I asked him, “Isn’t an explanation due?”
“I really cannot give one, it’s not because of you.”

Was he bored, did he want to be one of the boys?
Or was he one of the statistics of male menopause?
I didn’t have an inkling, neither hint nor clue
It happened so quickly, what could I possibly do?

Then, self-recriminations, what had I done wrong?
Where had I failed, had he been cheating all along?
Then as, piece by piece, the evidence came my way
The reality my trust obscured, now as clear as day

Golf in Ireland, rugby in Wales, I must have been blind
“It’s a boy’s only weekend, I hope you don’t mind.”
Even when friends found them eating dinner tete-a-tete
He said they’d been working late, I still didn’t suspect

And then came quick divorce, parting of the ways
My life was now entering upon yet another phase
Learning how to be a singleton, living on my own
No longer one half of a couple, now quite alone

Now we’d gone together since in our early teens
We hadn’t looked at any others, or so it seems
And married, I’d thought to be happy ever after
In perfect retrospect I couldn’t have been dafter

From whence comes indifference and discontent
To erode what at the start seemed heaven sent
What in the beginning promised joy unabated
My dreams, it seems, well and truly outdated

Some friends have been supportive, took my side
While the others ebb and flow just like the tide
Now he’s getting married and reopened the sore
Not because I’m jealous, he’s welcome to the

Just when our kids were sorting out their heads
Their fragile emotions are now again in shreds
He’s invited both of them to see him wed again
Causing once more confusion and a deal of pain

He doesn’t seem to see that we cannot always fix
Aspects of life that suit us like sweets pick and mix
The friendly circle he enjoyed when he was with me
No longer make him welcome as it used to be

He is having to make adjustments to fit her style
She must be hot stuff to make it worth his while
He’s changed his hairstyle and matching clothing
And considering piercing for a lip, ear or nose ring

She’s got a pair of brats still at primary school
He went to collect them and must have felt a fool
At the school gate – it was raining quite hard
A classmate said.” Why, there’s your granddad.”

One of these days- I don’t know how he’ll feel
He just might become a granddad and for real
But will he see his grandchildren, wait and see
The decision on that one will not be up to me.

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